Corporate Partner

Becoming a corporate partner with Beyond Badge provides some real benefits to your organisation as well as the support you will be providing for our first responders.

The Commitment

Corporate Partner

From time to time we will approach you to assist us to facilitate a Transition Program with:

Hospitality: Board /Training room, M/Tea & Lunch
Inspiration: Provide a Manager to tell our group about your business and opportunities
Community: You will be supporting those who have put themselves in harms way to protect you
Promotion: You may promote the support of our Charity on your Website/ Social media channels

Beyond The Badge
We will promote your business on our Social media channels


Why do we have Corporate partners?

We invite representatives of our corporate partners to provide an information session to course participants explaining aspects of the organisation, potential engagement opportunities for first responders and the key criteria when presenting for interview. This is incredibly powerful and valuable to our participants.

How often would a corporate partner be expected to present?

We would expect to engage with each of our corporate partners twice annually

What is expected from our corporate partners?

We respectfully seek “in kind” support by way of use of a training/board room, provision of morning tea and lunch. 

What are the benefits?

We would look to promoting our corporate partners brand on our website as well as offering opportunities for referrals to course participants on completion of the program. You will also be helping amazing people who have spent many years serving their communities. 


Chad Stockwell is the Recruitment Manager for BGIS across Australia and New Zealand. Through Chad, BGIS has been supporting Beyond The Badge by hosting our Career Transition programs and employing a number of our program graduates.

Chad Stockwell

Michelle is a former NSW Police officer who struggled on leaving the force she is now in a great role

Michelle Glascow

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