First Responders

Those of our graduates who are active jobseekers have seen enormous success after completing the program, finding varied roles with a range of employers.

Career Transition

We have designed a practical and innovative 3 Day program to support First Responders who are considering a career transition

The program is designed in conjunction with leading companies who recognise the unique skills of first responders

The program is run for first responders by first responders who understand your needs


I have not been in an interview since I left the service, I am not sure what to expect?

The program provides simulated interview experiences which will allow you to gain practical experience in preparing and responding to behavioural and job specific questions. We will prepare you well.

I am not sure what type of job I want. How can you help?

You will hear from representatives of our corporate partners who will talk through roles that align with the skill sets of first responders.

I have been to career development programs before, why is this program different?

The program has been designed specifically by former first responders who have transitioned successfully and have significant commercial experience.

Career Development

We offer a personalised one-on-one service to first responders who are starting a new career change or seeking fresh opportunities This unique offering will provide you with all the tools you will need to succeed and includes:

  • Face-to-face Zoom chats
  • Resume Preparation
  • Resume updates
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personal Branding


I do not have a resume

Significant time is devoted to developing a resume format, using your competencies and work examples to provide evidence of expertise aligned against key job criteria.

I often meet three or the four requirements in a job advertisement, does this mean I cannot apply for the role?

We will work with you to identify examples of practical work activities that contain the underpinning skill sets that can be incorporated into your resume. 

Recruitment Services

We are working with a network of corporate partners, companies and recruitment services to ensure we can support you in finding the right role in the right company at the right salary

All our network partners understand the unique skills that first responders bring to employers . That is why we at Beyond The Badge are your best option for the future


What support will I be provided when preparing for an interview

We will arrange a Zoom meeting with you prior to your scheduled interview and confirm the key messages that should be included as part of the discussions. 

We will also refresh your introductory “personal pitch” to ensure your opening statement provides as clear and concise summary of your experiences that are aligned to the role.

Do I need to change my resume for each role I apply for?

Yes! Given that each role will have “key criteria” that must be addressed by the reviewer or by scanning software (ATS – applicant tracking systems).

I only have a First Responder background; wont employers want actual experience?

That is why we will work on the skills and strengths that you have built up and help you to convert those to language that recruiters and employers understand and are looking for.


Michelle is a former NSW Police officer who struggled on
leaving the force she is now in a great role
See Michelle’s story

Michelle Glascow

Craig is a former NSW Detective Inspector who was forced
to leave the job he loved he struggled with his loss of
identity until he underwent our Career Transition program
See Craig’s story

Craig Ham

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