Program Sponsors

We are seeking your financial support through Tax Deductible Donations or Grants to support those who have put themselves in harms way to protect our community

The Commitment

Program Sponsor

Your organisation or Charity provide funding that will provide Beyond The Badge services to be delivered to a cohort of first responders of your choice.

For example: it may be for a group of mixed first responders in a specific regional location, or It may be a group of specific first responders(police)/fire/ambulance) in a state jurisdiction

Please contact us to discuss opportunities and funding models

Beyond The Badge

Community: You will be supporting those who have put themselves in harms way to protect your community
People: You will have the opportunity to recruit program graduates in your organisation or other local organisations

We will manage all the planning and logistics of running a program(s) including media and video promotions

We will promote your business / charity on our Social media channels


How can we fund a first responder group?

We are seeking the support of Governments, CEO’s, Philanthropists, Community groups and other charitable groups who feel strongly about supporting our dedicated First Responders in securing a future after their service.

What does the funding support?

You can make a difference by providing funding that will allow Beyond The Badge to support a single first responder or a group of first responders through a placement on our Career Transition Program or via our Career Development services.

Are Donations or fees payable to Beyond the Badge Tax Deductible?

Yes, we are a Not for Profit, Registered Charity.


Club Central Menai and Hurstville has been a great supporter of the program and has come on board to provide financial support through a Club Grant.

Brian Cloney & Ben Williamson

Esther McKay is the Project Manager for NSW Police Legacy BACKUP for Life and has been a supporter of the program since its inception. BACKUP for life provide funding for former and transitioning NSW Police Officers to attend the Career Transition Program

Esther McKay

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