Return To Work Providers

We can support your Return To Work plans for First Responders. Through our unique service offering As an employer you may be eligible for financial support to place a First Responder on a RTW Plan.

The Commitment

Return to Work Providers & Insurers


Individual First Responders

The ability to fund a first responder on a RTW plan that cannot return to work in their agency

Client Groups

The ability to fund a group of first responders on a RTW plan that cannot return to work in their agency (min 6 )

Beyond The Badge

For Individuals we offer:

  • 3 Day Career Transition Program
  • Career Development Services
  • Job Placement Services

For Groups

We can provide the above services to your clients at locations and times suitable to your organisation


How can the program benefit injured workers?

By providing the worker with an approach that is specifically focussed on the practical and operational skillsets of first responders to develop a personal and professional profile. 

Throughout the program, we introduce participants to representatives of our commercial partners as a way of promoting the importance of engagement and networking.

What is the difference

The program is presented by former first responders who have transitioned to successful corporate careers.  Our background experiences create a trusted connection with participants. 

In many cases, we have been able to raise the level of self-esteem and provide positive hope for the future in participants. This gives them more incentive to want to return to the workforce.


Steve is a former NSW Detective who was forced to leave the job he loved he went through some tough times and was told he would never return to work. Through the Career Transition program he has now found new hope, career opportunities and has a new job.

His life is back on track.

Steve knight

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